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 WWF/WWE Wrestling Thread
 Posted: Oct 29 2012, 04:42 PM
Full Name: David
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Did anybody see the Hell in the Cell PPV last night? I'm gonna watch it tonight at 8pm on USA network.
 Posted: Oct 29 2012, 04:58 PM
Full Name: mikey b
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user posted image
 Posted: Oct 30 2012, 02:43 AM
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I saw hell in the torlet last night...

I'll set the mood.

Sitting in the recliner.. Figured i'd go get something to drink, Stood up and walked by my dad.. He was looking at the newspaper, I thought to my mind... "I'm going to crop dust his ass" So i get right by him... And i lett'er rip...... And then i felt it getting ready to blow... So i stopp mid-chit... And took off running, Got to the bath room ripped my panties off as soon as my cheecks hit the seat ... BOOM... It was like i just bombed heroshima.

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