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 Boat cover
 Posted: Jun 28 2013, 11:39 AM
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I'm in the need of a boat cover. I have a cheap boat cover that is was only used one year. I don't know if i'm going to invest in a good cover because i will have a building soon. But i do want to get a cover on this boat.

If i stick with using the cover i have now, How do you guys keep the water from pooling upon the cover? Did you make your own devices or did you buy some kind of kit?

Also, If you know any links to some good quality covers i might even look at them.

 Posted: Jun 28 2013, 03:48 PM
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I bought a new cheapo cover last fall (those silvery ones) and made up some supports out of 1 inch pvc, worked good for awhile but the cover started to sag and hold water in spots, next I had small tears from the weight on the cover, and when I uncovered it in the spring, the cover was shot had to throw it out.
I've been using a blue tarp now and it works better than the old boat cover, just hard to find the right size for the boat.

I saw a guys boat the other day and it had 3 inch pvc that came up in the back and ran to the front and he just draped his cover over it, looked nice, that's what I'll be doing next and using the cheap blue tarp.

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 Posted: Jun 28 2013, 05:03 PM
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Mine is a heavy canvas one from Cabela's with a heavy drawstring to tighten it around the lip of the gunnels and 3 buckle straps on each side that loop around the frame. Water pools in it phuckit. One I pull it out of the field half the water sloshes off lol. I been using this year round for the last couple years in rain, snow and ice and it is still in great shape. Matter of fact I have been having to use it all week because of the thunderstorms. And I can tow it down the expressway now worries, it stays on real good.

For you pussies that park your boat over the winter yeah, make a Teepee frame out of 2" PVC pipe to sit on the deck and throw a tarp over it.

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