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Jun 23 2017, 08:50 PM
Gave this to my daughter Abby for her 25th birthday. She absolutely loves it. We saved it from getting scrapped.

Jan 16 2014, 08:48 PM
Ronald Bloss Sr. loved the water.

As soon as the weather warmed enough, Bloss would tow his johnboat out to the Susquehanna River in Dauphin County and get the motor running.

"Come April, my dad would leave to go to the river," said Bloss' only daughter, Tina Rohrbaugh.

When the weather got nice enough, Bloss would bring his pontoon boat out, and ride around on that, Rohrbaugh said. He'd fish, listen to the radio and spend time with his friends on Shelly Island, across from Three Mile Island, where he had a cabin.

Bloss would spend all day on the water, his great-granddaughter Kelsi Rohrbaugh said. She smiled as she remembered how Bloss would take her tubing on the river.

When Bloss wasn't fishing, he was usually hunting. He spent the fall in his cabin in the mountains.

But Bloss started to feel ill in December when he was bear hunting up in the mountains, his son-in-law Dennis Rohrbaugh remembered.

When Bloss got home to Mount Wolf, he went to be checked out. He thought his sugar might be a little high.

It turned out his sugar was very high.

When the doctors did tests, they found something else.


A tumor was growing on Bloss' pancreas. It spread to his liver.

The doctors told Bloss the cancer was terminal. He would probably live two months.

Bloss died Saturday at age 78.

His daughter remembered something her dad told her he wanted a few years back.

While he was eating in the Manchester Diner one day, a lady told Bloss about her husband's funeral, where he was carried to the ceremony by boat.

Bloss thought that was a neat idea was neat.

So on Wednesday, the pallbearers at Diehl Funeral Home in Mount Wolf hoisted Bloss' casket aboard his johnboat.

Bloss took one final boat ride.

The view on Maple Street toward Manchester Union Cemetery, wasn't the same as the view on the Susquehanna, albeit a little foggy. And Bloss didn't catch any fish on the way.

But it was a tribute from his family, to a man who loved to be on the water.

"That's what dad really wanted," Rohrbaugh said. "It was like him going fishing, going for that last ride."

Jan 11 2014, 06:45 PM
Can the damned thing be removed without lifting the fucking engine enough to clear the differential?
Aug 18 2013, 05:00 PM
This is how to replace your standard older antenna mast with a wind noise reducing, anti-vibrating antenna mast. I noticed a lot less wind whistle when installed on my Blazer.

Difficulty level: 1/10 (1 being easiest)

What you will need:

~Antenna mast with the spiral winding from a 1995+ GM with a standard mounted antenna. Mine came from a 1996 Blazer.
~8MM wrench
~10MM wrench

First you will need to go to the junkyard and find the antenna mast. Difference is below.

You can find them on many GM trucks from 1995 on.

Take your 8MM wrench and slip it on to the flats on the base of the mast like so:

It just unscrews from the base.

Now take your 10MM and remove the original mast from your car or truck:

I used a flare nut wrench because they can be tight.

Installation is reverse of removal for the new mast.

Enjoy less wind noise.
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