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Aug 2 2013, 01:18 PM
Last motor I had on it was that 88 turbo coupe motor which is still sitting down in my basement.
This one is not going to be done by me so it wont be sitting around.

Its a 318 out of a Ramcharger. And I got it to replace the blown head gasket in this

I bought this to tow the boat/ pop up camper/ and race car up to buck motorsports park.
Its an 88 Dodge W-150 4x4 with the Power Ram decals all over it. 400$

I gave myself 5000k for a full size truck and a boat and am planning to stay well under that cap with my 1500 truck quick build project. I added in my buddies labor fees to that for doing the job.

are of you guys interested in any of this? I got more stuff to write
Feb 4 2013, 05:06 PM
On my dumpster sub and free amp set up in the cavi the sub stopped working. I did some investigating and the ground wire was corroded almost halfway to the amp (8 inches or so)
copper inside dusty and falling apart when you expose it.
Its from excessive moisture right? only problem is I cant find any water in the trunk... Im not saying it dosent leak I will be keeping an eye on it until I figure it out.
long story short I need you to confirm that its just moisture that did it or if there is another reason it might have happened

... I remember that when I removed the spoiler I had on it (4 months ago) some of the seals on the spoiler leaked a bit... Since then I used bondo on the holes.

since Im pretty sure my question has an easy answer to it here is Q2
At what watt or amp size do I think I should install a capacitor
Would installing one increase the life of my alternator?
Jan 26 2013, 12:19 PM
Poker is (in my opinion) the only viable side hustle when it comes to gambling. You can separate yourself from others by knowing and understanding odds, implied odds, tells, various patterns, human psychology, and the list goes on.

the luck comes in to play here and there but if it was all luck than there would be no recognizable faces at the final tables of the major tournaments.

poker has lost the national spotlight quite a bit in the last few years and what is left is card rooms full of sharks and semi pro players.


I am playing my first big tournament of the new year. I took a break from cards for 3 years or so and just started back at it a few months ago.

at the 2 casino tournaments I have played I made 22 out of 108 and 19 out of 88 both buy ins were 100bucks

the tournament I am playing today is a charity game for a local school. I am feeling good today and ready for some action
Jan 23 2013, 07:14 PM
What kind of goals do you have in mind when you side hustle/work

For me I dont do it for supplemental income unless I have to. Every dollar I make on the side goes into a separate category to push the next hustle. As of right now I am all about money so If I dont make it on here as much in the next few weeks thats what it is.

My goals with the side hustle is to fund other side hustles
Everytime I buy into a good payout poker game the money never comes out of my check, and the winnings go back in, same with auctions
I keep it all separate in hopes of being able to get into the money that it takes to fund my racing, and keep the hustle going. Right now the goal is a 4x4 pickup with enough power to pull the cavi so I can race it at Buck Motorsports tuff truck events.

So my current hustle up goals are
4x4 truck
car trailer / dolly
car to replace the cavi
at least 1000 on top to keep it rollin

So I see a dollar figure of 6000+ thats my current motivation
and here is what happens when that works.... The vinyl graphics promoting my website all over the "race car" in front of roughly 1000 people a week, sends them to the website,
which allows me to introduce my future brand, sell ads, and fund a whole other list of stuff

I call it exponential hustlin and it dosent always work out in a perfect world
Jan 20 2013, 10:33 AM
found a stack of 1950's magazines found some frames for the ads
check these out tell me you dont want a framed one for you office/garage

got them for all sorts of products and services from plumbing to electrical to asbestos insulation all from the early to mid 50's
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